GESI launches Stakeholder Engagement in Environmental Evidence Synthesis

GESI launches Stakeholder Engagement in Environmental Evidence Synthesis


We are excited to launch our webinar series on “Stakeholder Engagement in Environmental Evidence Synthesis” starting May 2019 till February 2020.


Overview of the webinar series:

Stakeholder Engagement is an integral part of all systematic reviews to some degree. However, there has been a little discussion of this important process in systematic review guidance to date, particularly in the field of environmental management and conservation. This series discusses various aspects of engaging with stakeholders: describing the ranges of methods available, outlining experiences from various systematic review experts, and discussing issues relating to conflict, the benefits of training, engaging directly with decision-makers, and communicating review results.

Full list of Sessions and Presenters:

A framework for stakeholder engagement during systematic reviews and maps in environmental management” Neal Haddaway

“Knowledge production and environmental conflict: managing systematic reviews and maps for constructive outcomes” Annika Nilsson

“How stakeholder engagement has led us to reconsider definitions of rigour in systematic reviews” Yvonne Erasmus and Natalie Tannous

“Much at stake: the importance of training and capacity building for stakeholder engagement in evidence synthesis” Jacqui Eales

“A five-step approach for stakeholder engagement in prioritisation and planning of environmental evidence syntheses” Bilijana Macura

“Lessons for introducing stakeholders to environmental evidence synthesis” Jess Taylor

“Transdisciplinary working to shape systematic reviews and interpret the findings: commentary” Sandy Oliver

“Inclusive development and prioritization of review questions in a highly controversial field of regulatory science” Armin Spök and Monica Racovita

“Rethinking communication: integrating storytelling for increased stakeholder engagement in environmental evidence synthesis” Anneli Sundin

“Engaging environmental policy-makers with systematic reviews: challenges, solutions and lessons learned” Alex Collins

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