GESI Network firs face-to-face meeting

GESI Network firs face-to-face meeting

GESI Network held its first face-to-face meeting as part of the GESI activities at the Global Evidence Summit 2017, Cape Town. 

The meeting included GESI Network members who attended the summit, and aimed to introduce the members to each other and to the GESI Secretariat team.

Moreover, members gave feedback on the online capacity building activities that the GESI Secretariat is providing to the GESI Network (GESI-Cochrane Learning Live webinar series & GESI Webinar series), and on the opportunities that the GESI Secretariat is sharing with the GESI Network. 

The GESI Secretariat team opened space for the GESI Network members to communicate ideas and suggestions on how GESI can support the members in building their capacity building in producing and using systematic reviews and other types of evidence synthesis. 


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