The GESI Secretariat has created a network of Evidence Synthesis Centres in Low & Middle-Income Countries to enhance the collaboration between these Centres and increase the Evidence Synthesis capacity in these countries.

The GESI Network aims to identify established Centers of Evidence Synthesis in LMICs and connect them in order to build partnerships and collaborations in multidisciplinary Evidence Synthesis in LMICs.

The GESI Network will create and enhance collaborations between existing ES Centres in LMICs, help them share their experiences and achievements.

Are you part of an Evidence Synthesis Centre based in a Low & Middle-Income Country? Contact us info@gesiinitiative.com to add your center to our Map!

GESI Network firs face-to-face meeting

GESI Network held its first face-to-face meeting as part of the GESI activities at the Global Evidence Summit 2017, Cape Town.  The meeting included GESI Network members who attended the summit, and aimed to introduce the members to each other and to the GESI Secretariat team. Moreover, members gave feedback on the online capacity building activities that the GESI Secretariat is providing to the GESI Network (GESI-Cochrane Learning Live webinar series & GESI Webinar series), and on the oppo...

GESI Network: members' activities at the Global Evidence Summit 2017

Attending the Global Evidence Summit 2017 in Cape Town? www.globalevidencesummit.org  Don't miss out on the great workshops/presentations/posters/special sessions of the members of the GESI Network! Donwload the full list or contact us on info@gesiinitiative.com  Follow us on Twitter @GESI_Initiative and subscribe to our YouTube channe GESI Initiative for livestreaming !  

GESI Network members

  GESI is excited to announce the members of the GESI Network, first round (updated on February, 2019): Argentina: 1. Argentine Cochrane Centre – Health Technology Assessment and Health Economics Department – Instituto de Effectividad Clínica y Sanitaria (IECS), Centro de Investigación de Epidemiología y Salud Pública – Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CIESP-CONICET) 2.  Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano Cochrane Associate Centre - Centro Cochrane Asoc...
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