GESI at GESummit2017: Workshop on Capacity Building in Conducting Systematic Reviews

15 Sep-2017
The GESI Secretariat coordinated a workshop that focused on building capacity in conducting systematic reviews from different angles: Sandy Oliver, from the Eppi-Centre, explained the different Capacity Building frameworks in conducting systematic reviews.  Lama Bou Karroum and Racha Fadlallah, from the Centre on  Systematic Reviews on Health Policy & Systems Research (SPARK), showcased SPARK's experience in building this type of capacity from the health policy and systems research angle.  Biljana Macura, from MISTRA-EviEM, Stockholm Environmental Institute, elaborated on the experience in the Environmental field.  Ruth Stewart, from the African Evidence Network (AEN), presented the f...

GESI Network meeting at GESummit2017

15 Sep-2017
GESI Network held its first face-to-face meeting as part of the GESI activities at the Global Evidence Summit 2017, Cape Town.  The meeting included GESI Network members who attended the summit, and aimed to introduce the members to each other and to the GESI Secretariat team. Moreover, members gave feedback on the online capacity building activities that the GESI Secretariat is providing to the GESI Network (GESI-Cochrane Learning Live webinar series & GESI Webinar series), and on the opportunities that the GESI Secretariat is sharing with the GESI Network.  The GESI Secretariat team opened space for the GESI Network members to communicate ideas and suggestions on how GESI can support...

Global Evidence Summit 2017

13 Sep-2017
The Global Evidence Summit will be the first time that Cochrane, The Campbell Collaboration, Guidelines-International Network, International Society for Evidence-based Health Care, and Joanna Briggs Institute have joined forces to create the premiere event in evidence-based policy.  The GESummit will take place in Cape Town, South Africa. For more information, visit http://www.globalevidencesummit.org/about-summit   

Bursaries available for the Global Evidence Summit by Campbell Collaboration

13 Sep-2017
The Campbell Collaboration will, with the support of the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs, provide bursaries for up to ten participants who are nationals of, and working or studying in, sub Saharan Africa. Employees of international organizations are not eligible. Students studying overseas are not eligible. For more information: https://www.campbellcollaboration.org/news-and-events/events/global-evidence-summit/bursaries-available.html

two-days workshop on The Use of Evidence Synthesis in the Environmental field

01 Jun-2017
GESI secretariat hosted a two days workshop on “The Use of Evidence Synthesis in the Environmental field” on June 1st and June 2nd at AUB. Dr. Neal Haddaway delivered the workshop which was attended by members of the department of Environmental Health, the Climate Change and Environment in the Arab World from Issam Fares Institute, and the department of Political Sciences and Public Administration.

GESI Seminar on The Use of Evidence synthesis in the Environmental field and the concept of systematic maps

31 May-2017
Dr. Neal Haddaway, from the Mistra Council for Evidence Based Environmental Management, delivered a seminar on The Use of Evidence synthesis in the Environmental field and the concept of systematic maps. The seminar was highly attended and was livestreamed on GESI’s social media. You can watch the seminar on our social media platforms; Twitter and Facebook. 
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