Workshop on Qualitative Evidence Synthesis, AUB

Workshop on Qualitative Evidence Synthesis, AUB

04 Mar-2019

On February 20 & 21st, 2019, GESI Secretariat organized a workshop on Systematic Reviews of qualitative research, Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES).

This workshop was presented by Dr. Simon Lewin from the  and Dr. Ruth Garside. 

The 2-day workhsop provided participants with an introduction to methods for qualitative evidence synthesis and to applying the GRADE- CERQual approach. The 25 participants were researchers, research assistants, coordinators, lecturers and consultants who worked either in qualitative research or in systematic reviews. 

This workshop was successful in bringing these two teams together to discuss common challenges and exchange experience. 


We look forward for QES production by our participants with the support of the GESI Secretariat!



For webinars on QES, check the GESI Webinars freely accessible on our website!

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