Two days workshop on Systematic Reviews and Evidence and Gap Maps

Two days workshop on Systematic Reviews and Evidence and Gap Maps

12 Feb-2018

On February 12 and 13, 2018, the American University of Beirut was the venue for the “Systematic Reviews and Evidence and Gap Maps in Social Sciences” Workshop hosted by the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI), in collaboration with the Center for Systematic Reviews on Health Policy and Systems Research (SPARK), and Campbell Collaboration. GESI had invited 2 guests to host this event at the Lebanese grounds, and they are: Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw (President of the Board, Campbell Collaboration) from Canada, and Dr. Ashrita Saran (Evidence Synthesis Specialist, Campbell Collaboration) from India.

The workshop that aimed at providing an introduction to systematic review methodology and Evidence and Gap Map (EGM) in social sciences, and the instructors were Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, Dr. Ashrita Saran, and Dr. Elie Akl. The workshop included a combination of lectures, group work and practical sessions to introduce topics such as Introduction to systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and Evidence and Gap Map, reporting standards and guidelines for systematic reviews, and How to develop a Campbell Title Registration Form (TRF) for a systematic review and EGM.

The workshop was a major success in GESI’s activities portfolio, and brought to it many young prospects who were excited to learn more about systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and evidence and gap maps, as well as high-grade individuals in academia from different institutions across Lebanon and from different disciplines such as health, media, and business.

The workshop included sessions on the following: introduction to systematic reviews and meta-analysis, formulating review questions, critical appraisals, evidence and gap maps and campbell mapping initiatives, preparing search strategy, setting the question, screening, data extraction and coding, and dividing the participants into groups according to their topics of interest for hands on exercises. The sessions were delivered by Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, Dr. Ashrita Saran, SPARK, and Clinical Research Institute (CRI). 

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